At Meat the Press, we craft our own specialty sauces and sides from scratch using fresh quality ingredients as well as slice our own meats daily. Our small operation lets us keep everything fresh, stay consistent and put care into everything we do.

what they're saying...
  •   I love all my food in sandwich form, so this truck stood out from the rest at the rodeo. The line was also much shorter than the others, mostly due to the excellent ordering method they use. Numbered tickets are given so that you can wait for your order without having to hold up the ordering line. We got the Walter Cronkite, and potato salad. The sandwich was underwhelming upon first visual inspection, so simple in it's presentation. I thought to myself, "This is it?". I took a eyes must have doubled in size. So many flavors! The pretzel bun was perfection. The ham was perfect, maple flavored and warm. The whole grain Dijon had just the right amount of tang. I was hooked at first bite. Hands down, one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. The potato salad was top notch, I took notes to try and perfect mine based on what I was tasting. Fantastic job, I will be back.

    thumb Martin Reinhardt
  •   I had the chance to try this last night and it was amazing.

    thumb Tiffany Burton Bourgeois
  •   That truck is awsome. Had a Walter Cronkite. Omg so delicious

    thumb Jake Otto