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    5 star review  Ordered the Ron Burgundy and it was delicious! Everything was so fresh, excellent job!

    thumb Doreen Farron

    5 star review  Went up in line 2x. Scarfed down two of the greatest sammiches known to man. I'm not even sorry.

    Still waiting to try the bean salad.

    thumb Jason Millet

    5 star review  Loved the Walter Cronkite (lots of gooey cheese and ham.) And the potatoes salad is super delicious.

    thumb Betsy Mcgee

    5 star review  Super delicious! The Brian Williams sandwich was fabulous!

    thumb Nuala Siobhan Hetzler

    5 star review  The crew was fast and friendly, and the food was fantastic! I had the Al Roker, which was super flavorful and filling, but wasn't heavy at all. Two thumbs up!

    thumb Jessica Vullo

    5 star review  Too bad their location wasn't posted for today - lucky for me they were on Omnltech in Victor! YUMMY! First time trying them won't be the last! Super quality- taste - and quantity! Seek this truck out & indulge!

    thumb Helen Gaczynski-Burrous

    5 star review  . We had food truck Wednesday at work today. I had the Ron Brugundy for lunch. It was so good!! Hopefully they will bring you back the next time we have it..

    thumb Kelly Jubenville

    5 star review  The potato salad and the turkey and avocado sandwich are DEEEE-LISH!!! And I wouldn't normally eat that kind of sandwich ... Honestly.

    thumb Gina Banker

    5 star review  Chris had been my bartender for months and months. His attention to detail and outstanding customer service will carry him far in this business. Best of luck in your new venture!

    thumb Michael J. A. Martin

    5 star review  Really delicious food. I highly recommend. Tasty vegetarian option. The sides are really great, too.

    thumb Amy Steidle

    5 star review  Amazing, quick and sooo delicious!! Best sandwich I've found since being in Rochester 🙂

    thumb Kayla Johnson

    5 star review  That truck is awsome. Had a Walter Cronkite. Omg so delicious

    thumb Jake Otto

    5 star review  Just finished the 'Ron Burgundy' sandwich with a side of potato salad; it was absolutely delicious! I definitely recommend Meat the Press.

    thumb Ashley Behan

    5 star review  I love all my food in sandwich form, so this truck stood out from the rest at the rodeo. The line was also much shorter than the others, mostly due to the excellent ordering method they use. Numbered tickets are given so that you can wait for your order without having to hold up the ordering line. We got the Walter Cronkite, and potato salad. The sandwich was underwhelming upon first visual inspection, so simple in it's presentation. I thought to myself, "This is it?". I took a eyes must have doubled in size. So many flavors! The pretzel bun was perfection. The ham was perfect, maple flavored and warm. The whole grain Dijon had just the right amount of tang. I was hooked at first bite. Hands down, one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. The potato salad was top notch, I took notes to try and perfect mine based on what I was tasting. Fantastic job, I will be back.

    thumb Martin Reinhardt

    5 star review  Chris goes above and beyond. His dedication and detail will impress

    thumb Derek Heerkens

    5 star review  I had the chance to try this last night and it was amazing.

    thumb Tiffany Burton Bourgeois

    5 star review  Just got done eating a sandwich and potato salad from Meat The Press. A little pricy, but the food was fresh, and tasted great!

    thumb Phil Tom IV

    5 star review  Awesome name, awesome sandwich names, and food that deserving of front page news.

    thumb Michael Lisek

    5 star review  Had my first experience at the Riesling Festival last weekend and can say without a doubt the Best food truck ever! Had the Walter Cronkite and it was delicious!!! Service was top notch.... can't wait to try the other sandwiches and sides ...

    thumb Amy Clements

    5 star review  Amazing food and great service! The Kimberly and Beck sandwich is my new favorite.

    thumb Eric Doucet

    5 star review  First time at Meat The Press today! The Brian Williams was Excellent ! Will try the Al Roker the next time!

    thumb Van Travis

    5 star review  My husband and I both had The Brian Williams sandwich and we can not stop raving about it!!!! The potato salad was delicious too!

    thumb Emily Verschoor

    5 star review  I sometimes have dreams about their sandwiches... I think they should start delivering.

    thumb Rob Loncoa

    5 star review  Food was amazing!! Chris and the team are doing a great job, we'll definitely be back for more!!

    thumb Bobby Hagen

    5 star review  Couldn't decide on what I wanted so I ordered two. Ate half of each and am stuffed!! Great value, great food with tons of flavor. Can't wait to finish them off later.

    thumb Bob Holmes

    5 star review  Got to try them at Cocktails at the Toad at Blue Toad Hard Cider. They were phenomenal!
    I had the Al Rok
    er which was shaved London Broil, caramelized mushrooms and onions, Havarti cheese, creamy horseradish and arugula in a grilled hoagie roll. The meat was flavorful and tender, the sauce was a perfect accompaniment without overpowering anything, and the mushrooms and onions made it a sandwich I would seriously place in a last meal request short list. My wife had the Ron Burgundy, super tender sliced chicken with a mild Cajun seasoning with lettuce and a garlic cream dressing. This was also a perfect balance of flavor between the dressing and the Cajun spice. And the grilled Italian bread ties it all together.
    I came for the cocktails but I stayed for the sandwiches!

    thumb James Koch

    5 star review  The Ron Burgundy sandwich was amazing I wish I ordered 2 for myself

    thumb Jacob Matthew

    5 star review  Owned by a great guy and the food is delicious. I suggest anything on the menu. You won't be disappointed!!

    thumb Caleb McGuire

    5 star review  This was one of kinda idea. From The business name to The sandwich names and The sandwiches themselves all was well thought out! The selection was great. You can find a sandwich no matter what your taste is. I had the Ron Burgandy and it was probably the best sandwich I have ever had! A must find in Rochester!

    thumb Stone Lisek

    5 star review  My hubby had the Al Roker sandwich tonight and loved it !!!! I had the cream of tomato soup with melted cheese and artichokes ... absolutely delicious ❗️
    So glad we ran into you tonight Chris Virgo and got to try some of your food. It was SUPERB ~ can't wait to try more ‼️

    thumb Patricia Gauger


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