About Us

Christopher Virgo’s career in the food industry began in his Grandmother’s kitchen at the age of 12, when they worked together to prepare homemade Italian dishes from recipes that had been handed down through generations. Refined food preparation skills were blended with the cultivation of relationship to form an intoxicating blend that fuels a passion that he exudes to this day.

Christopher has honed his craft by working in a myriad of jobs throughout the food service profession. He climbed the proverbial ladder as a server at local establishments such as Perkins, Pizzeria Unos, Magnolia’s, First Taste, and Crescent Beach before settling into a role as bartender at Zebb’s Deluxe Bar and Grill. Christopher’s ability to connect with the customers on a personal level helped him to succeed financially as a bartender. But something was still missing. It was from this subtle sense of disquiet that the idea for a food truck was born. “Meat the Press” has given Christopher the ability to utilize his unique passion for blending food preparation with relationship through the fulfillment of his mission: “To serve carefully crafted sandwiches, sides and melts, made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients, while bringing a positive, upbeat vibe to the community and a smile to the customer.”